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Saturday, Jan. 28/06 -

  • Well well well. Where do I begin? Well first off, Happy belated New Year everyone!!! This is a very long and overdue update. Going back to the end of last October until about the end of November, I was computer-less. Something happened to my motherboard and pretty much had to get a new computer. And well along with that all of my ghost hunting pictures were on my old hard drive. So ya, you can see why I havent updated in awhile. But now I have recovered those pics and finally I can post them up on here. The pics were taken on Devil's Night and Halloween of 2005. We went to several locations including a brand new site for me, an abandoned slaughter house. It was very cool and creepy. Well other than the pics I took from those 2 nights I have not been out since. I usually take the winter off, because I am not a fan of the cold so ya. So I guess this is the first major update of the year and will be until the spring time. So until then, have an awesome winter season everyone!!!

Sunday, Oct. 16/05 -

  • Long time no update, eh!? Well I'm back online and ready to rock for hopefully a great ending to 2005. I know it has been awhile now since I have last updated this site. It is now October, meaning the Fall has arrived, darker & shorter days and of course Halloween!!! I don't know what it is about this month but I just get so pumped up about it. All I want to do is watch scary movies, listen to creepy music and yes of course go on ghost hunts. I can tell you that within the next few weeks I will be going on many ghost hunts to places that I have never been before, but have been meaning to for the longest time now. Tis' the season I guess as I like to say. It is such the most perfect time of the year by far for ghost hunting. Well I just wanted to let everyone know out there that this site is still up and running and hopefully will continue to be going strong more so than ever. So hang tight and keep checking back daily for updates to this site. Until then, give the whole site another run through as I have updated pretty much every page here and there. Take care for now!!!   

Saturday, May 14/05 -

  • Hey there people, whats goin on? Its that time of year again. The weather is gettin warmer, the flowers and trees are blooming, but most importantly the ghosts are out in full force. This is my favourite prime ghost hunting season and i have already visted a few new places to kick it all off. I have been getting a lot of emails from people about new and exciting places in and around the Southern Ontario Region. I just want everyone to know that I do plan on visting all of these sites very soon in the near future, hopefully by the end of the season, which will be late fall. So i will most likely be updating this site quite often over the next 6 months or so. Filled with lots of new sites, info, links and most importantly PICS!!! So please keep checkin back weekly, if not daily. Take care for now!!!

Monday, Mar. 28/05 -

  • Hey everyone, i know it's been awhile since my last update, but like i said before i really don't like the winter at all. So therefore i have not really gone out on any real 'ghost hunts' lately. But i was in the Burlington area last week and felt the urge to go check out the Magnetic Hill & the King Road House. It wasn't really a true visit more like a passing through type of thing. I only took 1 picture before the camera died. So i will most definately be going back there once the weather starts to get better. Spring is indeed here, even though the weather sure isn't. So it wont be long until i start heading out more frequently to new and exciting 'haunted' places throughout Southern Ontario. So until then...See you all very shortly!!!

Wednesday, Jan. 13/05 -

  • Hey everyone, Happy 'belated' New Years!!! I hope everyone had a very good Holidays. Well now I'm back online to kick start the new year in style. I have not been on any more ghost hunts since Halloween (I don't like the cold, AT ALL). But some of the vistors to my site have though. I have posted their pictures and info about their journey. I am very happy to hear that this site has encouraged others to go out on their own ghost hunts. That is infact what this site is all about though i guess. Giving others a glimpse into the other side of the world that alot of people don't know about, or care to know about for that matter. Well i hope all of the vistors to my site continue to go out on their own hunts. Also, please feel free to e-mail me at any time for directions, info and/or tips on anything dealing with the paranormal. Until the end...Talk to you all later!!!

Wednesday, Nov. 03/04 -

  • Hey everyone, Happy 'belated' Halloween!!! Sorry for not saying that a little bit sooner. Well i guess i was sort of busy that night, down in the Niagara area ghost hunting, rather than trick or treating. This was my second outing in as many weeks. I took new-comers Leo & John-Anthony to the Screaming Tunnel and my first time as well, Blue Ghost Tunnel. I have to admit that this was a very good night for hunting in general. The feeling was in the air, the moon was perfect, the night dark and gloomy. By far the best experience was at the BGT, even though there were 2 other groups there as well (the more the merrier i guess). I strongly suggest and recommend this site to everyone who wants to go on an adventure. Well i guess that's it for now, until the next ghost hunt!!!

Tuesday, Oct. 26/04 -

  • Well our first official ghost hunt of the season kicked off this past Saturday. We visited a total of 4 sites (3 in Ancaster and 1 in Binbrook). It was pretty cold out but we still managed to have a good time. I would like to thank everyone who came out with me on this night, as it was the 1st time for a few of them, i hope you all enjoyed yourselves and come back out for more in the future. It had been a while since i myself have been to most of these sites, so it was good to get back into the groove. Now that i have started back up, i don't think i can stop. My next scheduled hunt will be sometime this week, probally on Devils Night and/or on Halloween. Tis the season i guess! This hunt will be somewhere in the Niagara area probally. I will keep you all posted on any news within the week. As for now, enjoy the site!!! 

Thursday, Oct. 14/04 -

  • Hey everyone long time no talk. It has been almost a year since i have updated this site (wow). Well i guess it's that time of year again, where the leaves are falling, the weather is getting colder and the days shorter & darker. Meaning only one thing...GHOST HUNTING!!! Halloween is only a few weeks away and i am definately in the spirit. I already have 2 seperate hunts planned for the coming weeks and can't wait to get back into the swing of things. So for now, enjoy the new and improved site!!! 
  • Just to note that this site will now be updated as often as possible, so please check back frequently for all the latest happenings.